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enuphold and enacted any laws it wants. from new york, defending the constitution and your freedom! good night america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] boforts bret: next the discussion turns toward one alternative from public option, the co-op so how would that work? the web house website captioned by the national captioning institute that has many advocates upset has gone away or has it? as the countdown continues to afghan's election, security increases and so does the violence and we remember the life of political columnist robert novak. all that plus the fox all-stars, right here, right now. bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the latest deal breaker for both sides in the healthcare
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reform debate is the so-called public option actually, government-run health insurance. supporters are insisting on it. critics are hell-bent against it. correspondent shannon bream reports on a a provision that p for both pro and con is anything but optional. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius today tried to douse the flames she ignited on sunday when she said a public option is not the essential element of the president's plans for healthcare reform. >>s here's the bottom line -- absolutely nothing has changed . we continue to support the public option that will give american consumers more choice and keep private insurers honest. >> but supporting a public option is not the same thing as making it non-negotiable which the president appeared to do july 17 when he said any plan he signed must contain a public option. yet when confronted about the shift today the white house
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refused to acknowledge it. >> as i said now yesterday and earlier today the president his position, the administration's position is unchanged in that we have a goal of fostering choice and competition in a private health insurance market. the president prefers the public option as a way of doing that. >> that's clearly not good enough for many house democrats including congressman anthony wiemer of new york who predicts 100 members or more would propose to vote for a bill lacking a public option. the interview has been turned into a fund raising pitch listing dozens of house members that have pledged to stand on the issue of a public option and calling for financial support for those who, quote, drew a line in the sand. the fight for a larger government role in the u.s. healthcare system is playing out at the same time the incoming president of the canadian medical association
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is calling her own country's publicly-run system, quote, sick and says that it is, quote, imploding. members continue to spend their august recess attending spirited town halls with increasingly savvy constituents. many now are asking questions about co-ops offered up by key senate democrats as an amount tern tiff to the public option. today, republican senator jon kyl issued this warning. >> harry reid said we're going to have the same type of public option. call call it what you want, it is by any other name, it is a trojan horse. >> asked whether the president would favor co-ops as a viable alternative, robert gibbs said today there is not enough detail yet to make any kind of commit many. bret. bret: shannon, thank you. the country's largest over 50's group says it has lost 60,000 members since july 1 because of its support of healthcare reform. the aarp spokesman says the organization gained 400,000 new members during that period
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and renewed a million and a half. aarp, we are told, normally loses about 300,000 members each month. with the momentum for the so-called public option waning, one of the alternatives mentioned is the co-op system. fox business news correspondent rich ensign has been looking into co-ops. first of all what is a co-op? >> there are a number of co-ops. there are ones for utilities in rural areas and ones for other areas, but the federal government wants to kick in $6 billion to create more co-ops around the country. if you are a customer, you are looking to buy healthcare. a co-op would work. you select the co-op. you pay into the cooperative. you become a member of that cooperative and then you go and select board members who select a c.e.o. to run the the key is that it's
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non-profit and that's how supporters say it will cut costs. bret: so which groups oppose co-ops? >> like any compromise, there are problems on the left and right. on the left side, you have got liberal democrats who say it won't be able to mandate payments like you have with the medicare system, that it won't really achieve the type of reform that democrats are looking for that strong government system. conservatives say this is just a backdoorway into getting that government-run plan if the government will continue to run these co-ops. bret: what happens if a co-op doesn't work, it fails? would the government step in ands rescue it? can the government afford to do that? >> well, as it stands right now and sources close to the negotiation say that's not part of it right now that they want to make sure that it is clearly written in this language that there is no explicit government backing but that's not going to stop a congress two to six years from now, let's say if these co-ops begin to fail from stepping in. bret: so there's still a lot of questions? >> plenty.
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bret: rich, thanks. president obama is getting the lowest approval numbers of his term so far. the latest gallop daily tracking poll shows 52% . 42% disapprove. that is his worst number so far. the ten-point gap between the two is the slimmest margin of his presidency. the political can of worms that senior white house correspondent major garrett opened last thursday with his questions about questionable e-mail practices at the white house is closing a little at a time. today we learned that the website causing the most consternation is no more. flag at white, a repository for misinformed decisions on the healthcare debate died a quitette death last night giving a reality check to today a white house spokesman said it was a good idea but not good enough to stay. >> it was consolidated on reality check f people see or
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hear misinformation or have questions and concerns about some rumor that they're hearing on healthcare reform, there's a mechanism to get the truth. >> if you remember, flag wasn't only about the truth. it was about collecting rumors or myths the white house said warped or misdirected the healthcare debate. you can't find it now, but here is a portion of flag's original mission statement, quote "these rumors often travel just below the surface via chain e-mails or through casual conversation. if you get an e-mail or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy send it to" reality check does the same thing but with more friendly not fishy rhetoric o.t. better understand what new misinformation is bubbling up on-line or in other venues, we want your suggestions about topics to address." white house officials say both web addresses are covered by the presidential records act and all communication to the white house through them will be preserved for future
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archiving reviews. in the case of e-mails sent to flag uneasiness remains. >> submitting your e-mail to the white house shouldn't concern you. on the other hand, having your e-mail submitted by others, that starts to raise concerns. the problem here is cultural not technical. they're trying to reach an audience that doesn't trust government, and you don't do that by collecting their e-mails. >> also covered under the presidential records act is all comments used on the white house account used on twitter and facebook and on video sharing sites such as youtube and video, an on the photo sharing site flicker. as the white house learned from the public uproar over what it said was inadvertent spamming of this healthcare letter from david axelrod casting your web too wide can be risky. >> a little bit of spamming. they can do better but they're trying to reach the public and aggressively so. that's ok. we can give them a pass on that. >> that's not to say that insiders don't have more advice to the white house about how to clean up the
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e-mail list. one thing they say they could do is add a double opt in just a simple request, do you want future e-mails from the white house f you click yes, you would get them. if you click no, you wouldn't. they say that would clear all of this up. the white house says it has carried out the steps it intends to dake so far but will always review procedures going forward. bret: wholesale prices dropped 9/10's of a percent in july. a 6.8% over the last 12 months is themåílwwvsyw3d 7,i biggest decline in more than six decades of recordkeeping. construction of single-family homes rose 1.7% last month. the fifth straight increase, but applications for new building permits fell by almost 2%. stocks rallied today. the dow was up 82 and the s&p 500 gained almost 1o nasdaq finished ahead just over 25. general motors is boosting production at several factories due to increased demand from the cash for clunkers program. g.m. joins chrysler, ford,
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toyota, honda and hyundai in announcing production increases related to the clunkers' incentives. how a marriage proposal has one state legislator in trouble with the police and trying to make it safe to votent in afghanistan next. fancy feast appetizers. simple high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon white meat chicken, or seabass and shrimp in a delicate broth prepared without by-products or fillers. new fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment.
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bret: a roadside bomb in eastern afghanistan killed two american troops and wounded three others today. a taliban suicide bomber hit a nato convoy just outside the afghan capital of kabul killing eight people n kabul, two mortar rounds struck near the presidential palace. correspondent greg palkot reports on the growing danger as the country's elections go nearer. >> high alert on the streets of kabul with presidential elections just two days ago taliban efforts to blow up that vote revving up. a suicide car bomb blast on the outskirts of kabul was one
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of several recent incidents. rockets hit the grounds of the presidential palace earlier today and a large amount of explosives were seized in a truck near the airport. >> we are getting ready to go through the process of elections. this are enemies who are trying to dismantle the process. >> this election is as much against afghan security forces as anything else. much maligned in the past, afghan police and now army are the first line of defense front and center. here at this key intersection, afghan police stop vehicles quiz suspicious individuals and most importantly, sniff around for explosive materials for bombs. the checkpoints are set up all over kabul. the city's police chief says his men are up to the task. >> we are expecting problems, he tells me, but we expect to deal with it all. >> unlike in past elections here, the u.s. military and international troops will play a support role ready to act if needed. last weekend's suicide blast
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just outside of the gates were a reminder that even the best security can't stop all terrorists. >> a very determined suicide bomber is extremely hard to prevent. >> it's not just kabul that is being targeted, as ballot boxes are shipped out on the vote 60% of polling stations, especially in a taliban-dominated south, might not open. militants are threatening to cut off fingers to get to voting booths. still, the government remains undaunted. >> it will definitely go forward. we will definitely have elections in the country. >> kabul's cops and soldiers are trying to ensure just that. in kabul afghanistan, greg palkot fox news. bret: former republican presidential candidate john mccain is pushing for more troofs in afghanistan. the arizona senator is part of a delegation visiting the country ahead of thursday's elections. he says the troop level in the suctsern battle zone should double. >> there's three marine
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battalions now in helmand. i think it's very clear if they had six marine bat italians there that they would -- battalions there, that they would enjoy more success, and very importantly additional afghan troops there as well. bret: president obama is getting good marks in public for his handling of the afghan war. 41% in the latest rasmussen poll rated his performance as good or excellent. 24% say it is poor. just 33% say it is somewhat likely that u.s. combat troops will be out of afghanistan by the end of the president's first term. 57% say that is unlikely. the longer the troops stay in afghanistan and in iraq, the more stress they're under. sometimes the effects of that stress make life back home almost unbearable. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports the army is determined to do something about it. >> more than a million
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american soldiers have fought in iraq and afghanistan since 2001 but once some of these soldiers get off the battlefield, the enemy, it turns out, is in their heads. >> the in number of injuries defines the war. the army has launched a project and is teaching classes on how to prevent suicide and ptsd which plagues 20% of those urning from crom bat. >> 58% of the cases of ptsd come from soldiers who are in the bottom 15% of mental and physical fitness so the logic is that if we can raise the level of mental and physical fitness, we can prevent ptsd. >> dr. seligman designs seminars to teach soldiers to avoid having catastrophic thoughts. it is the same model he developed for middle schoolchildren. army generals refer to him as
6:18 pm
dr. happy. >> we teach people to cal bait their -- to cal bait their most catastrophic thinking and to mitigate it with realistic thinking. >> fort hood, texas, is among those participating in the mental fitness program. retired major general bob scales pushed the army to create a soldier as psychologically strong as any of its weapons but some ask is it too touchy feely to be taught in basic treeing? >> this is not about touchy feely. this is about innoculating our young men and women to the stresses of combat. >> and making them as mentally fit as they are physically fit as they leave basic training. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. bret: we will meet two brothers on op opposite sides of a public battle over healthcare, and remembering political columnist robert novak.
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novak's wife says he passed away this morning at their home in washington. correspondent james rosen looks back at one of the most influential journalists of the last 50 years. >> as a columnist and pundit robert know sack was paid to give his -- robert know sack was paid to give his opinion and boy did he. >> why did you laugh? >> just shut up, will you? >> you shut up! >> it was as a reporter, in tandem with his professional partner, roland evans that, he made his greatest mark, using their syndicated column to make and break news across nine president dense siz. >> we had a reputation that i hope was deserved of being pretty straight hard-hitting down the line. >> in 1980, at the dawn of the cable news era novak made the transition from print to he television, becoming a voice on the right that would endure through 25 years on cnn. >> if you were a friend of bob novak's, you couldn't have a better friend. >> bob while he was ideological, he was not partisan, and so he would
6:23 pm
pound republicans who disappointed him as well as well as he would pound democrats he disagreed with. >> in 2003, novak reported that a c.i.a. operative named salary plame had suggested the agency sent her husband shall diplomat joe wilson, to ses great whether saddam hussein was seeking uranium from south africa. know sack's disclosure about plame led to a grand jury investigation and the jailing of a new york times reporter and criminal conviction of a top aide to vice president dick cheney. in the heated debate over whether the bush administration distorted intelligence to justify the war in iraq, the novak column became a central battle ground. >> the idea that this was part of a great conspiracy, i find it very hard to believe. i was not a supporter of the intervention of iraq as a columnist. >> karl rove, who testified before the plame gand jury had long been a source of novak. >> for him there were few things more powerful than facts. certainly not more powerful when it came to his own
6:24 pm
whiting. >> the syndicated column ceased publication in july 2008 of a after he was diagnosed with bane cancer that killed him. robert know sack was 78. in washington, fox news. bret: the doctor ak in charge of getting the n1h1 vaccines said they are hoping to get 120 million doses on hand by september 15, but now it appears that the government will only have 1/3 of that ready on time. up next, why one senate democratic leader says he will not be holding any town healthcare town hall sessions. o uñwóxçów
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call liberty. they can help you live a better life. call the number on your screen. bret: and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. one prominent democrat is defending his decision not to hold town hall meetings on healthcare reform. senate majority whip dick durbin says he doesn't plan to hold large scale events with his constituents because they have turned into shouting matches elsewhere. the senator told reporters, quote, i don't think that's a productive use of my time. instead, durbin has been focusing on meeting with healthcare practitioners and small groups of citizens ax survey of three conservative blogs indicated 2/3's of the members of congress are choosing not to hold town halls. one of those was texas
6:29 pm
democratic representative chet edwards, whos was going to limit himself to town halls over the phone, until multiple protests in front of his district offices forced him to give in. one new york congressman is planning to hold town halls but not necessarily listen to participants. democrat eric massa admitted to a group at a net roots nation conference that he would vote for a single-payer bill, no matter what his constituents think, quote, i will vote adamantly against the interests are of my district and vote against their opinion if i actually believe it will help them. his website states quote as your member of congress, my number one priority is serving you. a creative engagement proposal has turned into a headache for maryland democratic state delegate john cardin, the nephew of maryland u.s. senator ben cardin. baltimore police are now investigating why on duty marine and helicopter officers helped cardin propose to his girlfriend by pretending to raid a boat that the couple
6:30 pm
were aboard. authorities say the stunt was a misuse of police resources at a time when the department is strapped for cash. baltimore police department officers took part saying they are not in the business of renting out helicopters and boats for bachelor parties and birthdays. cardin plans to reimburse the baltimore police department. maureen dowd doesn't hold sarah palin in high regard on the social networking site facebook. dowd writes palin took a forum more commonly used by kids hooking up and cyber stalking and managed to hijack the healthcare debate from mr. obama. " the nielsen company says facebook's greatest growth has come from people ages 35-49. last year the site added almost twice as many as 50 to 64-year-old sit tores than it did under the age of 18. also, dowd does have her own fan page on facebook,
6:31 pm
presumably not used for hooking up or cyber stalking. o sarah palin and president obama are understandably on opposite sides of the healthcare debate, but tonight we show you one family bonded by flesh and blood that is separated by healthcare policies. gatherings like this, according to brad woodhouse the democratic national committee's communications director are quote angry mobs of a small number of rabid right wing extremists." well, in this case, the leader of the so-called mob -- >> if you think healthcare is expensive now wait until the government offers it for free. >> it is brad's brother dallas woodhouse the north carolina state director of americans for prosperity. they are direct opposite sides of the healthcare reform debate. >> the system in america is broken. it is too costly. too many people don't have coverage and the insurance
6:32 pm
companies really are given a raw deal to consumers. >> my brother is completely wrong on this issue. he is trying to sell a dog of a plan that the american people already hate. they are rin herntsly distrustful of government, just like i am, and they don't want a big government bureaucrat in their exam room with them. you it's become no less than a civil war for the woodhouse brothers. dallas hahn about traveling around on this bus collecting signatures to stop healthcare reform legislation from passing. brad is one of the architects of the democrats' healthcare strategy putting together ads like this. >> this mob activity is straight from the playbook of high-level republican political operatives. >> the two attack each other's politics and sometimes their character. >> the worst thing my brother has said is he has talked about astroturf, that these people at these events aren't real, that they're bussed in by big pharma and big insurance. >> he is using outlandish claims, things that cannot be
6:33 pm
verified, things that have been debunked over and over again. none of it is true. >> in spite of the taunts an insults exchanged on t.v. -- >> when you report me to the white house please get my name spelled right. bret: the brothers remain very close and find common ground outside the healthcare debate. >> we love bruce springsteen. we love the show "law and order" and we love n.c. state football and n.c. state basketball." >> as much as i want to smack him around for destroying the country, at the end of the day, i love him. >> i think it sharpens us professionally. it helps me when i'm having a debate with a reporter or someones else on the other side. bret: and besides -- >> some day when all this is over we're going to be in some rest home together arguing over politics in the same room waiting for the nurse to bring us gel low. that's if barack obama doesn't throw me out and not let me have that. bret: one of the things that
6:34 pm
has come under fire at the white house is how they handle e-mail. there is another potential change that is also troubling toes privacy advocates and it has something to do with something that you probably use every single day. senior correspondent eric eric shawn explains. it is almost as omnipresent as the government itself -- google used by almost everybody on-line. now some people think that the obama administration is too cozy with the company from hiring former executives and ari schwartz at the center for democracy and technology urges caution. >> the concern is for individuals coming in and using the power that you get from being within the government and using that for corporate gain or individual gain. >> several top google executives have joined or advised the administration, among then, eric schmidt a members of the president's council of advisors on science and technology, and andre mclaughlin is the
6:35 pm
administration's deputy chief technology office foreinternet policy. google recently told "the new york times" the company respects the quote small handful of googlers who have joined the public sector and it wishes them the best. google told us the company is happy to work with the federal government to make government more open, accessible and transparent from providing privacy protection for users but critics are also troubled by a potential change in federal policy by the office and management and budget that could end the government ban on using cookies, which track how people use the internet. critics fear that the government or internet companies could use cookies to collect data on citizens' use of the web, but the administration said it is only trying to be more transparent and will protect web piefs si. >> the policy of this government is not to allow web-tracking technology. we are continually adding to the internet platforms in order to provide greater openness and transparency in government and trying to do so in a way that always, first
6:36 pm
and foremost protects people's privacy. >> the office of management and budget has told fox news any change involving cookies would be in full compliance with the privacy act and notes, no decision has yet been made. in new york, i'm eric shawn, fox news. >> president obama this afternoon hosted former president bill clinton at the white house, and thanked him for his efforts in getting two american journalists out of north korea. it was their first face-to-face meeting since mr. clinton returned home with the women who had been convicted of hostile acts against the communist country. so is the public option no longer an option? and are co-ops now in? the fox all-stars discuss it when we come back.
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>> any plan i sign must include an insurance exchange, a one-stop shopping
6:40 pm
marketplace where you can compare the benefits, cost and track records of a is a rye ti of plans, include -- of a variety of plans, including a public option to insurance plans and keep the insurance companies honest. >> the public option, whether we have it or don't have it is not the entirety of healthcare reform. this is just one sliver of it, one aspect of it. >> that is not the essential element. >> so the public option is not a deal breaker from the president's standpoint?f< w; af+l ֎uw >> well, i think there will be a competitor to private insurers so that is really the essential part. sunday must have been a very slow news day because here's the bottom line. absolutely nothing has changed. bret: well there you see the evolution of nothing changing from the administration's point of view about the public option, which is government-run health insurance. they wanted at one point for it to be a part of a plan on the table to compete against private health insurance companies but there is some
6:41 pm
debate about whether they're abandoning that position or wanted to over the weekend. so what about all of this? let's bring in our panel fred barnes of the weekly standard juan williams for national public aid quo and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. fred you saw the evolution there. what are your thoughts? >> my thought is that president obama is being bated around like a tennis ball, first he finds that the public plan is unpassable. he can't get a healthcare reform bill as long as that it in it through, so secretary seb seb beale sebelius says, ok we won't insist on this, on these co-ops or something like that and then what happens? well, then the liberals particularly in the house they bat the ball back and say, wait a minute, we're not going to pass it. we're not going to vote for a reform bill if you don't have them in there. then we get a batting back from secretary sebelius saying well, i don't know how anybody thought we were abandoning the
6:42 pm
public plan. look this means when the administration is in this shape over key elements on their bill they're hurting. i mean they're not going to get a healthcare reform bill through this way. bret: juan. >> i think this is all about compromise. i think that the -- right now you have secretary sebelius floating a trial balloon. she's on the wrong end of the balloon, because she is the one floating away, not the balloon. what has happened in response to the trial balloon is that there has been a lot of fire coming from the left saying how can you have howard dean, you know paul krugman of "the new york times" col columnist saying how can you have health reform that has any substantial effort without a public option? bret: it wasn't just secretary seb beale quus. you heard the p president in colorado saying it is a sliver of whether we have it or don't. >> i agree. he was firmly defending a public option. >> that's exactly his position. i think his position sebelius' position, it is the
6:43 pm
administration's position. this he with putting it out there that they're willing to move away from that if that's going to be an obstacle for conservative democrats like people like senator ken con kent conrad and max baucus, both on the senate finance committee and both have said they're likely not to vote for any health reform proposal that includes a public option, so they're looking for different ways to approach it that will get to you the same goal but get the necessary votes so you can have a successful healthcare legislation put in place. bret: but charles, the interesting thing before you make your point, don't they realize that everybody is watching this debate so closely? people are really paying attention to every word that is back and forth so did they think, the administration think that they would put this out there and then take it back and say nothing is different? >> i think what they are doing is they're relying on juans to put the ultimate spin on it to make it sound consistent.
6:44 pm
what is endearing here is the way that ms. sebelius has adopted the obama habit of saying that i have never ever changed or waivered. remember obama did that when he said at first he wouldn't take public monies in campaigns and he did and changed his mind on eavesdropping and wiretapping and pretended he didn't. he always says i never changed. of course, if you are a miss cree ent of liberty and underring, then it is in the eye of the beholder who is not able to read obama's scripture. he has shifted radically. you can't say on the one hand it must be in the bill i sign and then say it is only a sliver, it is inconsistent. what the people understand is that the public anker is so high that it will pass nothing, and that is why it is abandoned. this is a way to placate the left, which understands that it is a way of pretending that it is still on the table.
6:45 pm
it's off. it's gone. it's dead. it is a dead parrot. bret: so the alternative is said to be the cooperatives which the senate finance committee is looking at. a regional cooperative means that small businesses and small communities negotiate to get health insurance for employees an citizens in a not-for-profit alliance." fred what about people trying to understand the pros and cons of co-ops? >> who knows what kind of co-op they're talking about? they can have a co-op that just offers insurance and steers to you health insurers or you can have a co-op as there are a couple of them that actually run hospitals and have doctors and so on. i mean, who knows what they're talking about? here is what is significant to a lost republicans and the person talking about this today was senator jon kyl of arizona who is the number two republican senator saying, look, all the democratic senators, and he quote add bunch of them have said ok, we'll make them look just like
6:46 pm
the public plan and it will do the same thing. i mean co-ops aren't as dead as the public plan is, but boy, they're not off to a good start. bret: democrats, fred, would say republicans then aren't going to sign on to anything. >> i'll tell you one thing they won't sign on to. they won't sign on to a bill when the president runs around talking about how much he wants to cut healthcare costs and he won't do the one thing as charles has written that would cut healthcare costs more than anything else and that is tort reform, to cut back on abusive lawsuits, and the president won't do that, which undermines his entire argument about i want to cut costs. bret: juan there are a lot of questions about co-ops still. we just don't know. >> we don't know, and i think that i don't agree with fred about tort reform. i think you need to limit it but you can't take away that as an option for people who have been treated badly by doctors. no, i think the big cost inflation is cost. you have to have, i think the estimate is $6 billion from the federal government to help some of these co-ops get started as a viable mechanism
6:47 pm
for providing competition to the existing insurance companies. the insurance companies i must say, they're the ones that have brought about so much of this crisis. people feel that they cannot negotiate fairly with insurance companies, that if they shift jobs they lose their insurance, that because of pre-existing illnesses they are excluded from insurance f somebody has to rein in the insurance company and this is an effort to do it and this is why you have cooperatives that may prove successful. >> maybe they can spend the unspent stimulus dollars. charles. >> the billions that the government will put in as so-called seed money the problem is that is not cost. it's control. if you you are a liberal and you understand that the public option is dead, wow want to have a cooperative with the feds putting all the money in, and then there's a pretense that it is run by the members. if the money is federal dough, the feds are going to be in control, and, for example if a co-op goes bust, then the creditor, as in the bankruptcy
6:48 pm
court, inherits it, and they would have control of the co-op, and it would be a seed of a public option which is what the liberals would want. bret: up next the panel will discuss the life and work of our colleague robert novak, who passed away today. limb: dude that was sick! i've been hangin' up there for, what, like, forty years? and then - wham - here i am smacking the pretty off that windshield of yours. oh, what you're looking for an apology? well, toss another coin in the wishing well, pal. it's not happenin'. limb: hey, what's up, donnie? how you been? anncr: accidents are bad. anncr:but geico's good ding! with onsite windshield replacement. discover new seafood creations inspired from around the country. from the northeast try our new garlic-roasted...
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6:50 pm
>> i have sources who are young enough to be my grandchildren, you know, and i don't have any pride in calling them up and taking them you out to lunch and the only way -- i'm just a reporter, and the only way i can write a column is if i have information to put into it. my role model is joe alsop
6:51 pm
who, whatever fault he had he reported every day of his life, and i report every day, seeing people on the phone and doing it any way i can function. bret: columnist, pundit, author and friend to a lot of people here at fox news channel. robert novak died today. he was known by many here in washington as a columnist who reported his column a real shoe leather kind of guy. we are back with the panel. juan, that was an interview that you did with robert novak back in 1998. your thoughts on the man and his leg gas sivment >> i think he expressed something important there which is that he was a real reporter a reporter at "the wall street journal" in chicago, and he would come up and developed the idea that you put out real information, and what it became was kind of a live wire for everybody who was the inside group in washington d.c.. political insiders would read novak understand and it was like you
6:52 pm
were reading tea leaves to see what was in that column what was the latest on the grapevine of the people most inside the political universe here in d.c. the thing that almost always struck me about bob novak was that he persisted in the reporting. he never stopped. people would say bob know novak is ideological. some people on the left would say he was a the prince of darkness. bob novak would take on republicans as well as democrats. he was an honest reporter and a tough guy. he was an inspiration. i cohosted crossfire with him and he was the kind of person who would pin you to the wall because he had good information. bret: fred, you were a close friend. >> i was. i knew him 36 years. as you know, juan, bob was a great basketball fan one of the most astute fans i have ever known. we sat next to each other at the washington wizards games for 35 years. he was a better reporter than joe alsop who he cited in that interview. bob thought every column ought
6:53 pm
to have, if not a big scoop, at least nuggets of new information that people hadn't heard before, and along with what juan was saying, bob was a conservative but he wasn't partisan. he would pound republicans if he thought they were slipping away from the conservative position they should have taken, and democrats of course were never there, so he would pound them as well, and he basically terrified official washington. they were afraid of him because they knew he was an honest guy. if he had good information he was going to report it. >> that's what made him so influential and really unique was his independence. he was a reporter, but what he did by writing his cortege in a column was he severed any control and managing editor would have had over the content or placement of his material. he was his column. he was, as a reporter, on his own. there was a second kind of independence he had which was he was a consummated writer and succeeded the great
6:54 pm
columnist like lip lipman who was an insider but was actually part of the administration. lipman worked with woodrow wilson. he was an insider but he was never a member of a team. he was independent politically and editorially. that's why he was important. that's why he was respected. that's why he will be missed. bret: fred late in life did he ever regret being part of the story in the valerie plame case when he reported that? >> that was one of the lesser events in his career as a reporter. he was the first guy to report that she had gotten her husband off of his assignment from the c.i.a. and he put it in his column, and he did the right thing, and there were bigger feats of reporting than that that he pulled off many, many of them. >> i think people forget that it wasn't that somebody fed him this on an ideological basis. it was a function of his reporting that went out there and got the information and then it turned out to be in this way, and one last thing
6:55 pm
to say is he had a wonderful wife geraldine and all of us want to say our love goes out to you. bret: our condolences. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for breaking news in the world of sport. . -% my name is chef michael. and when i come home from my restaurant i love showing bailey how special she is. yes, you are. i know exactly what you love don't i? - [ barks ] - mmm. aromas like rotisserie chicken. and filet mignon. yeah, that's what inspired a very special dry dog food. [ woman ] introducing chef michael's canine creations.
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so make the switch today - and get into the rhythm of saving. regions - it's time to expect more. bret: finally tonight, quarterback brett favre has come back from retirement again. yeweeks ago michael vick glenn beck to the nfl. >> number 7, there he goes. look at their -- michael vick came back to the nfl.
6:59 pm

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